Travel during pregnancy


                       With the proper precautions, most women can continue to travel safely well into their pregnancy .

If your pregnancy has no complications , the best time to travel is when you are 14 to 28 weeks pregnant . Wherever you go ,find out what healthcare facilities are at your destination in case you require urgent medical attention .It's a good idea to take your medical records with you so you can give doctor the relevant information if necessary .Have a check-up before you travel and don't go unless you get all-the-clear from your doctor .Make sure you travel insurance covers you for any eventuality , such as pregnancy-related medical care during labour , premature birth and the cost of changing the date of your return trip if you go into labour .

When to travel ?

Many women prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because of exhaustion and nausea they experience during these early stage. The first three months are a sensitive stage , with a higher risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy ;However if you feel well and you've discussed it with your doctor ,there's no reason why you can't travel at this time .

After 28 weeks ,the biggest factor in deciding whether to travel ,apart from the issue of comfort, is the risk of going into early labour .If you decide to go away, consult your doctor ,who will determine you risk of a premature birth; If you get the all clear ,make sure there are adequate facilities at your destination in case you go into labour .

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