Tips for pregnant women :Screening results

              Having a screening test during pregnancy can be a very difficult time .How do you deal with unexpected results .

Around 600,000 women become pregnant every year,and every women will be offered several types of screening .Some screen the mother for certain infection,such as sexually transmitted infections and rubella ; other screen the unborn baby for conditions such as sickle cell and thalassemia blood disorders, down's syndrome and structural abnormalities .

In pregnancy ,most screening results give the mother and unborn child the all clear ,but around one out of every 100 pregnancies screened are found to have a problem of some kind .When this happen there is always support available for parents ,whether it is from the medical profession or particular support groups.It's important that parents are given as much information and help as soon as possible.

Its should be remembered that screening tests do not always identify problems and some may be missed.When you are told that there may be problem with your unborn baby,you may feel any number of different emotions,such as feeling alone,angry or scared .You may think that nobody will understand exactly what you are going through and may even blame yourself,your partner or the doctors for the results ."This is a normal reaction to bed news".You may feel sadness at the loss of your hopes for a healthy baby,and confusion how to proceed with your pregnancy.Professional support is available to help you cope with the decisions and feelings .  

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