Exercise during pregnancy


                     Staying fit during pregnancy will help you cope better with the physical demands of pregnancy , labor and motherhood.

Finding out that you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up the thing you enjoy .If you're lucky you'll feel at your healthiest .If not ,exercise may help by boosting your energy levels and your immune system .

Exercise builds muscle tone , strength and stamina , wich can help your body cope with pregnancy weight gain (12,7 kg or two stones ,on average) .Keeping active can make it easier to regain pre-pregnancy fitness levels after the birth .It can help to reduce constipation and tiredness ,as well as circulation problems .

Get moving every day :

Try to keep active every day .keep up your normal daily phsical activity or exercise (sport,dancing or just walking to the shops and back) for as long as you feel comfortable Fitting in half a hour of activities , such as walking ,can help to keep you active .If you can't manage that ,any amount is better than nothing .
Don't exhaust yourself .You may need to slow down as your pregnancy progresses ,or if your doctor advises you to .If you go to an exercise class ,make sure that the teacher is properly qualified and that they know you're pregnant and how far your pregnancy has progressed .

General dos and don'ts :

  • Do remember that exercise doesn't have to be strenuous to be beneficial .
  • Do remember that the appropriate level of exercise will depend on how fit you were becoming pregnant .
  • Do wear loose,comfortable clothes .Drink plenty of fluids ,and don't allow yourself to get overheated,as this can be harmful to the baby .
  • Do take gentle approach to exercise that put strain and joints and ligaments .During pregnancy ,women are more vulnerable to joint and ligament injury because the body produces relaxin , a hormone that loosens joints and ligaments in preparation for childbirth .
  • Do listen to your body .Dizziness and fatigue is common in the first 12 weeks or so .Some women lose their balance later on as the baby grows and their center gravity shifts .
  • Consult your healthcare provider if you have vaginal bleeding ,shortness of breath ,palpitations (faster ,heartbeat) or pain in the back or pelvis .
  • Do avoid contact sports and any activity with a potential for falling or being hit,such as horse riding ,judo or skiing.
  • Don't exercise in order to lose weight during pregnancy because this may harm the baby .
  • Don't do any strenuous exercise in hot weather .
  • Don't exercise flat on your back,particularly after 16 weeks ,because your bump presses on the big blood vessels ,and it can make you feel faint .
  • Don't use saunas or steam rooms .They can make you too hot ,which can be harmful to the baby.
  • If you can't take easily while exercising ,you're overdoing it ,so slow down .

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