pregnancy for dads


                     Essential things should know if you are about to become a dad :

1.Morning sickness doesn't just happen in the morning .

2.Make it to the antenatal test .

3."I am not ready to become a dad "

Having sex won't hurt the baby .

5.Don't believe
the due date .

6.If you have a car ,
buy a baby seat .

7.Three birth related words you should know :
epidural, episiotomy and Cesarean .

8.You don't have to be at
the birth but you should seriously consider it if she wants you there .

9.Breastfeeding is great- if you are feeling squeamish about , don't breast milk is superfoood for baby .

10.Be gentle_ your baby might feel so tiny and delicate that you are afraid of breaking him or her .But if you are gentle and know which bits need support , you will both be fine .

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