Tips for pregnant women : Pregnancy test

                       If you have a pregnancy symptom you have to do a pregnancy test ,the most important pregnancy sign is a missed menstrual cycle .

Understanding Pregnancy Test :

The test detect HCG (human chronic gonadotrophin) in your blood or your urine .This hormone is produced shortly after the embryo fixes in your uterus .
Pregnancy tests can be carried out on a sample urine from the day of a missed period .If you're pregnant ,this is about two weeks after conception.You can collect urine at any time of the day .collect it in a clean,soap free ,well-rinsed container .

You can get pregnancy tests free of charge from your GP ,from a contraception clinic or buy it from the Internet,usually for a small fee.You can also buy do-it-yourself pregnancy testing kits from pharmacists.They can give a quick result,and you can do the test in private .A range of tests is available.The way they work varies ,so check the instruction first to make sure that you get the right result .

A positive test result is almost certainly correct .A negative result is less reliable.If you still think you're pregnant,wait a week and see a midwife or GP again .

The best time to take a pregnancy test :

We recommend that you wait after the first of your missed period .However there are some sensitive test that can detect pregnancy before .Sensibility of pregnancy tests is measured with milli-international units(mIU) :  a pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 20mIU/L is more accurate than a test with 50mIU/L .
Blood test given by doctor is more sensitive and can be positive after 12 days .

Home Pregnancy tests accuracy :

Home test are very accrate when used correctly . Every women should know that taking the test early gives false nagative .
However false positive ( A result saying that you're pregnant but you aren"t ) is rare but possible .Thus ,we can say a positive result is pretty good to say that you are pregnant .

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