Your feelings and relationships

                       Pregnancy is a time of big changes both physically and emotionally ,which can affect your feelings and relationships,so get as much advice as you can to help you to cope .

When you're pregnant it can sometimes seem as though you're not allowed to have other feelings .People expect you to look forward to the baby ,to be excited and to bloom all the time .You may think that this is the way you ought to be .In fact ,just like any other nine months in your life ,you're likely to have times when you feel low .And pregnancy brings extra reasons for happiness .

Hormonal changes :

Hormonal changes taking place in your body cause much of the tiredness ,nausea and emotional upsets that some women feel in the early months .You may cry more easily ,lose your temper more , and so on .Being tired and rundown can make you feel low .Look after your physical health and get plenty of sleep .

It's normal to feel anxious and worried when you're pregnant ,especially if this is your first pregnancy .There are a number of things you might feel worried about .You may have money worries or concerns about work or where are you going to live .You may be anxious whether you'll cope as a parent or whether you're ready to be a parent at all .You might find antenatal test stressful, particularly if any problem arise after the tests .Some of these anxieties can be shared by your partner ,friend or family ,and it's a good idea to talk about these feelings together .

Talking with your partner :

This may be your first baby but not your partner's ,so you may see and feel things differently .Talking about your feelings with him ,or with someone close to you ,is often a relief and can help you to put things in proportion .It may help him too.

Dreaming about your baby :

It's normal to have dreams about your baby ,and sometimes these dreams might reflect you anxieties .This could be because you're naturally thinking a lot about your pregnancy and the changes in your body .

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