Pregnancy tip : A healthy start

           Looking after yourself during pregnancy will not only be good for you ,it will help to give your baby a healthy start .

Try to eat a healthy diet based around carbohydrates (such as bread ,rice ,pasta and potatoes -choose whole grain versions when you can ), with lots of fruit and vegetables ,and some protein (meat ,fish,eggs,tofu,beans or pulses) and dairy products .For more information for what to eat and what you need to avoid ,see other tips on healthy eating in pregnancy .

Folic acid will help to protect your baby against neural tube defects ,such as spina bifida ,wich could disable them for life .A neural tube defect is when the foetus's spinal cord (part of the body's nervous system) doesn't form normally .You can buy supplements from a pharmacy ,or ask your GP about prescription .It's a good idea to start taking a daily tablet as soon as you start trying for a baby and keep taking until your 12 weeks pregnant.

Free milk tokens :(USA) :

Milk is rich in calcuim, which is needed for your baby's bone development .

Pregnant women might qualify for tokens for milk ,fresh fruit and vegetables if they get :
  • Income support ,or
  • income-based jobseeker's allowance ,or
  • child Tax credit only .
  • You can also exchange ,milk tokens for free fruit and vegetables .

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